June 2019 – Ski Touring

The weather has kind of been in limbo for the last month, with it being too wet to ride and an early snowfall with has melted off a bit. We still managed to get out and do some early ski touring with a few bites from ski sharks destroying a bit of ski bases. A good tune needed.

The rest of our work is still being held up waiting for publications so here is some b-roll shots from some ski tour missions while we still had enough snow. An first warmup of the legs into Broken River and the second from Mt Potts and the old defunct Erewhon Ski Field

October 2018

October 2018

Camp Spot Macauley Valley

As usual it has been a while since I have posted but the last few months have been hectic including the day job and trying to fit in as many adventures as I can around it while even trying to retain some family life as well.. Too many hobbies and not enough time.

Ski Season is almost over and slowly transitioning back into bikes but before that happened we tried to tick off a few skiing missions we had had planned for a while. One was to head up Mt Sibbald in behind Tekapo in NZ.

Pre mission up to Mt Sibbald
Starting the Tour

We four wheel drove up the Macauley valley and walked to our campsite then toured up and got some nice shaded wind-blown powder!

Cutting some turns

Amazing mission in some amazing country – and there are a couple more images below from some other miscellaneous missions around the Canterbury Club fields and Queenstown for your viewing pleasure

And finally just a little video testing out the GoPro Hero 7 – the hyper smooth function is amazing No more gimbal needed which cuts down on the gear I need to carry. Check out the video below , riding the new tracks at the Christchurch Adventure park.

March #2

March was a pretty busy month, although there has been a little bit of a slowdown now with the weather and other life activities. But check out the quick little edit we did of Jonny Eden in Vic Park in Christchurch, New Zealand.. And some photos from over the last couple of weeks as well. Will have some new fresh footage dropping soon.

Suicide No Hander


Steezy Table

Threading the line

Skids are fun

2017 So Far

2017 So Far

A bit of an update for the first month of 2017. Been another busy month on the camera with two edits filmed one of Rod Hall at the CAP and one of Brent and I on the Cockayne Alley downhill track in the Craigieburn trail complex in the South Island of NZ. You can check out both the edits below and a couple of photos from the edits as well.

Cockayne Alley

Cockayne Alley

Castle Hill Rocks



Winter 2016

NZ got off to a slow start this year after the epic storm we had in May. Here is a few photos from across the last couple of months of the New Zealand winter.

The Tarn

Hip Deep – Cheeseman

Winter Stars

One happy man

Dan in the Chutes

Jon # 2

Jon 2
Jon #1