Bikes and some Autumn Skiing

Brent Rude Rock Sunrise

I have had a bit of a resurgence on taking photos on the last month rather than video work so a few early morning sunrise missions as well as some sunset missions. Some of the photos are being held back for a few articles but check out some that didn’t find a home below:

My buddy Cody and I took advantage of the ANZAC day off and went to check out the mountains for a bit of a ski tour. Which is pretty unseasonable for April in New Zealand and it turned out to be unreal spring/autumn corn. Check some photos from the mission out below!

Photo Epic – December

I have a had a pile of photos that have been sitting on the harddrive for the last month that have ended up not being used for anything and I thought the should see the light of the day, so enjoy!


rod sam 2 web
Rod and Sam Mt Cheeseman

drew web
Drew @ The Vale

Pano1 - Rod
Rod Hall Chessus of Nazareth

ben web
Ben @ The Vale

rod and sam web
Sam and Rod Mt Cheeseman

sam drift web
Sam geting Loose

rod scree web
Backcountry Scree Rod

Rod Hall
Rod Skletchy Jump Craigieburn

joshclarke web gnarly
Josh Clarke Gnarly Nun

sam h craigie dar web
Sam Howey Pitch Black Huck